In the interest of society

Annual Report 2017



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In the interest of society

In the interest of society

We anticipate the needs of society and the expectations of our stakeholders and we make sure we are ready to take on new tasks – all this while maintaining an affordable, reliable and secure grid. Put simply: at Elia Group, we work in the interest of society.

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  • In ‘Electricity Scenarios for Belgium towards 2050’, we did exactly what Elia is expected to do, namely support policymaking. We crystallised the challenges in what is a highly technical and complex debate.

    Chris Peeters, CEO of the Elia Group

    Read the interview with Chris Peeters and Bernard Gustin
  • We live in a world where talented engineers choose Google and Amazon rather than industrial companies. If we want to attract them, we have to show that we are innovative with an international outlook.

    Bernard Gustin, chairman of the Elia Group

    Read the interview with Chris Peeters and Bernard Gustin


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    Who ?

    One of Europe’s top 5 players

    The Elia Group is active in electricity transmission.
    With subsidiaries in Belgium (Elia) and northeast Germany (50Hertz), we operate 18,600 km of high-voltage connections that supply power to 30 million end users. As such, our Group is one of Europe’s top 5. With a reliability level of 99.999%, we provide society with a robust power grid.

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    How ?

    Through cooperation and innovation

    We operate and develop our grid infrastructure in close collaboration with all stakeholders. We are highly focused on safety and our goal is zero accidents. We are committed to innovation and continuously improve our operational systems.
    We develop new market products enabling new technologies and market players to access our grid. This is how we make the energy transition happen.

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    What ?

    Our core tasks

    Operating the electricity system : Elia monitors the electricity system in real time, to ensure a reliable supply and efficient operational management of the medium- and high-voltage grid,

    Facilitating the market : Elia develops services and mechanisms allowing the market to trade on different platforms, which promotes economic competitiveness and the wellbeing of all.

    Managing the infrastructure : the Elia Group maintains and develops high-voltage equipment and infrastructure, including advanced technologies to enable the grid to integrate more renewable units.


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    Why ?

    In the interest of society

    The power grid is a key pillar of the energy policy that supports our socio-economic prosperity. The Elia Group aspires to be a catalyst for a successful energy transition and consequently, a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system. By building interconnectors and integrating renewable energy generation, the Elia Group promotes both the integration of the European
    energy market and the decarbonisation of our society.

Key figures

Key figures 2017

  • Operational

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      30,000,000 End users (Elia Group)

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      18,600 km High voltage lines (Elia Group)

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      53.4% Renewable energy (50Hertz)

    • Financial

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        € 1.62 Gross dividend

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        € 216.6 mio normalised net profit

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        3.4% Dividend yield (closing price 2017)

      • Environmental

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          1,749.6 kg IT material which got a second life (Elia)

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          13.62 km Of bird protection in Belgium (Elia)

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          34,000 Trees planted thanks to the life project (Elia)

        • Social

        Key events



        In the interest of society

        Interactive charts

        Interactive charts

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        • Consolidated results in €

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